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Alysia Harris ft. JP Cooper “The Happy Couple (Death Poem)”

To you for you, I will always love you. 

"Who I am comes in waves." 

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Six Word Story #5 by absentions (via aurelle)

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Alysia Harris & Miles Hodges “Doing It Wrong”

I remember it so well.

Yes. For my love. Elevation from a good smoke, the pleasant sip of red wine. Vibe. Dance. 

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Go Pink. 

My mom is a survivor! :) 

Fight Against Breast Cancer.

Ambitious Woman. 

Bass Dance. 

It feels so good to be in Baltimore with my family!!

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Jeez, the beat tho.

Petros Klampanis, John Coltrane “Countdown”

Amazingly Perfect. 

"I’m Black, I read Books, and I Know Shit." 

Real Niggas (That Know Shit)

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Date a girl who writes. 

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Date a girl who writes.

Date a girl who writes. A girl who can spin an entire universe with a few select words. Date a girl who knows what to say, who knows what to write. She will always tell you the sweetest things because she knows what tickles the heart of man. 

Choose a girl who reads. She knows what Romeo will say at the feet of his presumably dead Juliet. She knows what happens after Voldemort gets the Elder Wand. Date a girl who reads, because she has read enough books to understand the inner struggle of people.

See that girl whose pen is always in her hand? That’s the girl. She would always want to write when a thought comes into her head. It frustrates her when there’s no pen and paper in sight- it scares her that the ideas forming in her head will be lost forever. Hand her one. Make her smile because you knew what she needs all the time.

Tell her stories. She would always love to hear one, because that fuels her imagination. Give her good books and talk endlessly about them. She appreciates that kind of guy- a guy who actually reads. That’s what intrigues her the most, and believe it or not, she falls for a boy who is different from the typical ones who aim for the sexy, hot girls.

Ask her about her favorite ships. Does she like Dramione, or Romione? Ask her why, and if she’s written fanfics about them. Watch her explain why you should agree with her, her hands flying up and down in an effort to emphasize, her eyes pleading. She likes nothing better than having someone side with her.

Hold her hand. Hug her close to your chest. She loves those kinds of contacts, because she would always remember those love stories she had written about, and she will begin to realize that she was meant to experience the same fairytale story she so longed for before.

Message her sweet quotes. She loves reading them as much as she loves writing them. She will write that down in her journal and stow it away safely, another story forming in her head wherein your quote will fit in nicely.

Give her notebooks. That always puts a smile on her face, because she loves nothing better than filling up the hours by writing idly. She may not finish an entire novel, or end up tearing each page in frustration, but she will always treasure that.

Tell her you love her in the most memorable way you can. Tell her you love her in as many languages you can. Because she is literate, and she will understand what you say. Say the words, “I love you”, in the softest way you can and give her a kiss in the forehead, because a girl who writes will always prefer that to a torrid kiss.

Date a girl who writes because she’s worth it. She will always know what to say, because she had written about them. She will know what to say when you tell her you love her, and she will know what to say when you propose to her. Date a girl who writes because you both deserve to live in another universe, in another life, which the both of you will write together.

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So sweet. 

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Own it. It’s yours, it’s always gonna be yours. Wake up with me this weekend.

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