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I’m interested in seeing a psychic… 

Jul 25th at 11PM / tagged: psyhic. mental feed. / 6 notes

but I’m scared as to what I will be told. I’m just curious about some things that I’ve been, I’m experiencing & yes I do believe in psychics, prophets, spirits/apparitions, etc. etc. b/c I’ve actually had my experience with these things. I’m just curious to know answers about this something that I’m dying to know. I’ve been curious about seeing a psychic for months now…what do I plan to gain from seeing a psychic? completeness. Though I know completeness comes from self knowing.

  1. heartofapoetsoulofamc said: i went to see one, but she kinda threw me off because i thought she would of known my name and that i was coming but she didn’t. she told me someone had put a curse on me, and that she needed to get it off me.
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